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"The Perfect Match"  "Girls On The Porch"
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 2015 New Productions
Arnold Weiss will be presenting Tales from Bill Derringer Park II on Thursday, September 10th at 2PM.  Join Arnold at the Freda Mohr Center at 330 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.  (323-937-5900  
The Jackie Shapiro Chronicles, Part 1 will be performed on Saturday, August 29 at 1:00PM.  Arnold Weiss will perform a series of short stories, detailing Bill's early life growing up in South Philadelphia.  This will be at the Northridge Public Library at 9051 Darby Ave in Northridge.  (818-886-3640)
Tales from Bill Derringer will be presented by Arnold Weiss on Thursday, August 27 at 6:30PM.  This show will be at the Woodland Hills Library, 22200 Ventura Blvd in Woodland Hills (818-226-0017)  "A dream is not a lie."
Arnold Weiss will be presenting Tales from Bill Derringer on Wednesday, August 12th at 2PM.  Join Arnold at the Freda Mohr Center at 330 North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.  (323-937-5900)  
 Arnold Weiss returns to the Encino-Tarzana Library to perform stories by award winning playwright Bill Derringer.  The Jackie Shapiro Chronicles - Part One - aka Philadelphia stories will be presented on Tuesday, April 21st at 6:30PM.  Their address is 18231 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana.  (818) 343-1983.  Quoting from Bill:  "You're like a kid with all of your dreams."
On Monday, March 2nd at 6:30PM, Arnold Weiss will be presenting "The Jackie Shapiro Chronicles:  Part 1" at the Westwood Public Library on 1246 Glendon Ave.  Further information please call 310-474-1739.  Future programs will continue the saga!  
Arnold Weiss on Wednesday, March 4th will present "Tales From Bill Derringer - Park One" at the Sherman Oaks Public Library at 6:30PM.  The address is 14245 Moorpark Street, their phone number is 818-205-9716.
On Tuesday, February 10th the Hadassah of Del Rey Beach, Florida, presented three one act plays by William Derringer.  The event had over 70 attendees, and everyone had a most enjoyable afternoon of theater.  We would like to thank Sandi Shodnick and all of the actors for their wonderful performances.

Arnold Weiss in Los Angeles will perform Tales from Bill Derringer - Park One "Chopped Liver with Schmaltz on Saturday, December 20th at 1:00PM.  This performance will be at the Northridge Branch Library, Northridge, CA (818-886-3640)  Quoting from Bill, "People are very, very good.  Don't you think so?

MARCH - The web site thedigitialamericana.com for their new publication "Winter Shapes 2014" an inspired issue of cutting original fiction, has published William's short story "A Loss Of Guilt."  the Apple Store has a app that you can download and then purchase the publication for your electronic device.

The Cultural Arts of Boca Delray Florida had a sold out weekend in March of readings of William's one act plays.  Would like to thank Michael and Sandi Skodnik and the actors for their hard work and dedication in presenting William's work. 


The Napa Valley Register's article on the Napa Valley Playhouse's 8 x 10 holiday play festival recommends you so see the eight chosen plays.  Sasha Paulsen feels William Derringer's "The Knish Lady" starring Phil Ferrero and Bonnie Gamble "is a delicious tidbit."  The play is directed by Debbie Bauman.  Their festival runs through Sunday, December 22nd.

8 x 10 Holiday Ten Minute Play Festival produced by Lucky Penny Productions and the Napa Valley Playhouse will run for three weekends in December.  The three weekends start on December 6th and run through December 22nd.  The Friday and Saturday performances start at 8:00PM and the Sunday performances start at 2:00PM.  For further information or tickets please call 707-255-5483 or go to napavalleyplayhouse.org.  Bill's play "The Knish Lady" will be one of the eight chosen for their festival.  Also check out their facebook page for more information and photos.

The Napa Valley Play House and Lucky Penny Productions of Napa CA, has chosen Bill's one act play, "The Knish Lady" as part of their 8 x 10 Holiday Festival of Plays. It will be presented the first three weekends in December.  Additional information will be coming before December.

JUNE - Diverse Voices Quarterly has chosen Bill's short story, "A Gentle Touch In The Dark a finalist for their summer issue.

Bill's one act play, "Passion Amongst The Lettuce" is a semi-finalist in the St. Louis Actors Studio's LaBute New Theater Festival to be produced in July.  
Ms. Candace Hoes, Managing Editor, The California College of the Arts, is pleased to announce that Bill's story, "Just Lucy" is being published in their Issue #14.  You may read Bill's story at: elevenelevenjournal.com.  Just click on Issue 14, and then to William Derringer, and that will take you to the story.  Hope you enjoy reading his story.
The North Park Playwright Festival's production of Bill's play, Early Call was a great success, and extremely well received.  If you would like to view the play please go to:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3q5z0Ch73I
San Diego's North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shoppe Tenth Annual Playwright Festival will feature Bill's one act play, EARLY CALL.  The performance dates are Friday, October 19th - Sunday October 21st.  For reservations please call 619-647-4958.  Or check out their web site at:  northparkvaudeville.com/NPVCalender.  They are located at 2031 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA.
Tales from Bill Derringer - Part Three (Mellow Cream Chocolate Soda and Doris Day) will be presented at the Encino-Tarzana Public Library, 18231 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana CA - 818-343-1983.  This will be presented by Los Angeles actors Arnold Weiss and Henry Seivitelle.  It will be an evening of fun and enjoyment.  "Love can hurt you real bad, but ice cream will always delight you."
Tales from Bill Derringer - Part Two (Cats and Knishes) will be presented at the Encino-Tarzana Library, 18231 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA - 818-343-1983.  This will be presented by LA actor Arnold Weiss.  Seating is limited, so please try to be early.
"Sometimes in life, my friend, we have crumbs, but those can still nourish us."
AUGUST 16TH AT 6:30pm
Tales from Bill Derringer - Part One - will be presented at the Encino-Tarzana Branch Library, 18231 Ventura, Tarzana, CA (818) 343-1983.  This will be presented by LA actor Arnold Weiss.  Please try to get there early, as seating is limited.  This will be a most enjoyable evening of plays and stories for all.
The Pend Oreille Playhouse Community Theatre 3rd Annual One Act Play Festival will be held on Friday, July 13th and Saturday, July 14th.  Bill's play, "Related Moments" will be presented on the Saturday night performance.  You may purchase tickets through their web site at:  pendoreilleplayers.org or you can call them at 509-671-3389.  They received plays from through out the US and Canada, you will enjoy yourself will all of the plays chosen. 
The Pend Oreille Playhouse Community Theatre of Newport, WA has chosen Bill's one act play "Related Moments" to be part of their One Act Play Festival.  The play will be presented on Friday, July 13th.  There will be further information as we come close to July.
May 2012 - The Department of English at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is proud to announce that William Derringer's short story "Destiny's Roommates" was a finalist for the H. E. Francis Short Story 2012 Contest.  Quoting from Patricia their co-director and co-founder.  "We are deeply grateful to you for enriching our competition with the excellence of your writing."
Performed by Arnold Weiss and Henry Seluitelle
On Saturday, March 31st at 2:00PM, Arnold and Henry will continue the tales of Bill Derringer.  Part III is "Mellow Cream Chocolate Soda and Doris Day.  It will presented at the Westwood Branch Library, 1246 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles.  This performance is free to the public.  There will be validated parking in their garage.  For more information please call 310-474-1739.  Please get there early as the seating is limited.  "Love can hurt real bad, but ice cream will always delight you." 
Performed By Arnold Weiss and Henry Seluitelle
On Thursday, February 9th at 6:30PM, Arnold and Henry will be presenting works of William Derringer.  It will be presented at Westwood Branch Library on Glendon Ave, Los Angeles.  This performance is free to the public.  There will be validated parking in their garage.  For information please call 310-474-1739.  Please get there early as the seating is limited.  We had a wonderful turn out for the production last year.   "Sometimes in life, my friend, we have crumbs, but those can still nourish us."
On Thursday, September 29th at 6:30PM at the Westwood Public Library in Los Angeles, a special performance will be given by well known LA actor Arnold Weiss.  This is a evening of Bill's many varied writing pieces.  This is a free event to the public and validated parking is available.  Please call 310-474-1739 for information.  Please get there early as seating is limited.  Hope to see you there!
Corinne Lee, Executive Director for NYC's Fifty 7 Productions has announced that Bill's One Act Play, STEWED PRUNES has been chosen as the winner of their 1st Annual Summer One Act Festival.  "We were honored to perform his one act play and so happy he shared it with us."  Please check out their web site at:  fifty7productions.org and go to Summer One-Act Play Festival.
We are pleased to announce that on Saturday, August 13th a special presentation of Bill's award winning play, "Girls On The Porch" will be presented at The Matrix Coffee House in Chehalis, Washington.  What makes this evening extra special is that the original Los Angeles Drama Logue award winning Director Avner Garbi and Actresses, Toni Lawrence & Regina Leeds will again bring to the stage their winning performances.  In addition, Bill was the award winning writer that year along side David Mamet and Samuel Becket.   To make reservations please call 360-740-9158.  Please note that there is limited seating for this special event!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Bill's one act play "CHOICES" was one of the three finalist in Los Angeles.  First Stage's 14th Annual One Act Contest.
Bill's 10 minute play, "Destiny's Roommates" was produced Off-Broadway in New York during the NativeAliens Theatre Collection.  This is their 11th anniversary of short stories on the GLBT experience.  The show dates were Wednesday, June 23rd through Sunday, June 27th.  The plays were shown at the Access Gallery Space at 380 Broadway.
Bill's one act play, "Next On Rotation" was chosen by Longwood University for its Third Annual 0 to 60 Ten Minute Play Festival.  The play is available through the One Act Play Depot for production.
MAY 2009
Bill's one act plays, "Best Friends" and "Twenty-Twenty Vision" were presented at First Stage's 23rd Annual Playwrights Express presentation in Los Angeles.
Bill Derringer's Short Play "SUPREME SAMUEL" was featured in this years
Playwrights Express starring Dennis Safren as Nathan in A heartwarming play
of the friendship of two souls. It will be playing this coming weekend in the Express and the time is now being established. Hopefully you can get to see this tender, loving play in this 2008-Playwrights Express.
MARCH, 2008
Let's Talk Theatre-March 2008
"This month I look forward to reading a wonderful new book written by playwright
William Derringer entitled The Passion That Bites Back, A Fun Educational Theatrical
Memoir.  Bill's play Shiva Warriors gave me the terrific character role of George, A
middle-aged man who laments the loss of his father and tries in his own confused
way to come to terms with the lifestyle of his gay brother Sol.  I so enjoyed playing
this part at the Bitter Truth Playhouse 5 years ago.  Bill's sensitivity as a writer is
palpable and I can't wait to read his new book.  There will be a review of it here in
the near future.  By the way bill and his life partner Bob live in Albuquerque,New
Mexico.  More congrats on your book, your plays and so many other
Bill's short story "HOW CAN I FORGET YOU?" just been published in Volume One
/Issue Four of SALiT Art and Literary magazine spring 2008.  To order copies please go
He has recently finished an anthology of stories and a fun educational theatrical
memoir book  on his early training and acting in theatre and films.
William Derringer, short story writer, screenwriter and national award winning
playwright.Sharing the best writing award with Samuel Becket and David Mamet
winners of Critics Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre.  I guess I have become a triple threat in writing which is always a challenge for me.
From hundreds of entries, William Derringer's short play Eight is the Charmer
has been chosen as one of the winners for full stage productions in the Palm Springs
National Short Play Festival. Each Play will be presented every night.
Performance Dates will be presented Wednesday from January 16th at 7pm 
through the final Sunday Matinee at 2pm January 20th - at the Black Box Theatre
- 2248 Ramon Rd. Palm Springs,CA.  
Plays include - The Waiting Room by Jef Freydl - Palm Springs,CA -
The Baggage Handler by Bill Johnson - Portland, OR -
Eight is the Charmer by William Derringer, Albuquerque, NM -
Worship by Tom Smith, Las Cruces, NM -
5G-10B by Michael Griffo, Astoria, NY 
Not Goodbye by Tony Padilla, Palm Springs, CA.
Including William Derringer's new and inspiring short story "The Power of Determination"  Other INFORMATION TO FOLLOW SHORTLY -
AUGUST 2007 - DRAMA WEST PRODUCTIONS: Presents Staged Readings of
Five New Plays - Public Invited (Free)
Saturday - 2pm - August 4th, 2007  A Scene from Bill Derringer's full length
senior romanticcomedy "Love, It's Ageless" will be presented by Drama West
Productions at the the Edendale Library in Echo Park, 2011 Sunset at Alvarado. 
The scene chosen is called "SO WHO SAID LIFE'S A PICNIC?" and will
feature Phyllis & Si Ehrlich.
2007-Playwrights Express at FIRSTSTAGE - Los Angeles,California
First Week - Saturday, May 19th, 2007 -
2:30pm -   The festival kicks off with "Sha" by William Derringer of Albuquerque, NM
Directed by Dennis Safren. DAVID MIGUEL -  "This play, about a sick doctor and an
even sicker patient, was well-written and acted by the talented duo of Bea Silvern and Dennis Safren. 
The parts were acted out with gusto."
For January 2007, with the release of "Chopped Liver for the Kindred Spirit" featuring
3 new short stories of William Derringers.("All Our Bubbas/Grandmothers"
"Moon Over La Mancha" "So What's The Trouble With Your Wiring?") You will find his name
on the cover with other famous writers, educators, doctors, and columnists.
For further information or to order books please go to www.casag@wgn.net.
On February 1st the Playwright's Circle in Palm Springs, CA will present a staged reading
with professional actors, of William Derringer's short play "EIGHT IS A CHARMER, a sweet
and clever play involving an actress at a low point in her life, a doctor and the audience. 
This will be held at the Palm Springs Art Museum at 6pm
Drama West Productions on Sunday, Feburary 4th at Barnsdale Park in Los Angeles
will include a stage reading on Bill's One Act Comedy "Me and My Cell Phone." 
The show will start at 2PM and is part of their stage reading programs. 
For further information please go to Drama West Productions.
On March 1st Playwrights Circle in Palm Springs will be presenting again for a repeat
performance of Bill's play "Eight Is A Charmer" for further Information call 760-327-4877.
On March 7th, 2007  Bill is scheduled to present a reading of one of his newly
published stories "They Were All Our Bubbas/Grandmothers" from the fifth volume of The
Chopped Liver for the Kindred Spirit. This will celebrate an afternoon at Valencia, University of
New Mexico, entitled - The Legacy of Seniors.  
On March 11th, 2007 The Spoken Word will present four of Bill's Short Plays - "SHA",
at the Harwood Art Center in Albuquerque, NM
The First Annual New Mexico Filmmakers Conference will present a reading of several
scenes from William Derringer's screenplay "Apron Strings." in Santa Fe.  It will be part of
a two day event of seminars and workshops to help local New Mexico filmmakers sharpen
their craft.  Professional SAG actors will be presented in the scene. It will be held at
the Hotel Santa Fe on Friday, December 1st, 2006.  Additional information is
available from the NM State Film Office (505-827-9810) or nmfilm.com
On December 14th, 2006 Bill was given a FIRST STAGE'S SEMI-FINALIST AWARD by Dennis
Safren, Literary Manager, for First Stage's Tenth Annual One Act Play contest honoring
Bill's provocative short play -IMAGES APART-.
r. Derringer's plays have had the continual distinction of being presented on
both coasts and throughout the country. He has been a produced playwright
for more than 25 years. 2003 has seen the NOHO Jewish Theatre League's
 production of "SHIVA WARRIORS" at the Bitter Truth in North Hollywood. At the start of
2002 his "BACK TO BACK" was chosen by the Pennsylvania Playhouse for their
Tenth Annual One-Act Playwriting Competition. "DESTINY'S ROOMMATE" had its California premiere in the Bitter Truth's First Annual One Act Play Festival. "DOCTOR ON CALL" had its premiere
as part of the Palm Springs National Short Play Fest 2002 and was nominated by the Desert Theatre League as Best One Act Play. For its February 2001 Play-Full Sundays The University of
Judaism presented his Romantic Comedy "LOVE, ITS AGELESS" starring Estelle Harris
and Robert Mandan. His children's play "A TRUNK FULL OF MAGIC" was the recipient of
the Pittsburgh Theatre Works Festival Award for Outstanding Children's Play.

His one act play "GIRLS ON THE PORCH" received bi-coastal productions at the West Coast Ensemble in Los Angeles where it was the winner of the Drama-Logue Critics Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre. This distinction was shared with Samuel Becket and David Mamet. After an extended run, "GIRLS" was moved to the Beverly Hills Playhouse. Its first east coast production was at New Jerseys Barn Theatre where it also garnered Best Play.

His one act comedy "THE PERFECT MATCH" was chosen to be part of the 15th ANTA Matinee Series at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in New York City. His short comedy "TYPE MOISHE" won Best Play at the Barn Theatre in New Jersey and its production at the West Coast Ensemble was the Los Angeles Critic's Choice where it enjoyed/received a three month run. His full-length play, "McKEAN STREET" was performed at Upsala College in New Jersey. "SHOES WITHOUT MUSIC" was a finalist at the JCC Theatre of Cleveland's playwriting competition.

As a screenwriter his screenplay "APRON STRINGS," a warm family comedy set in South Philadelphia during the late forties. "SURVIVORS CIRCLE," a comic-drama with a vast ensemble of characters placed together in the confines of a city hospital. "GIRLS ON THE PORCH," focuses on the long-term friendship of two small town women from the 1955 to 1980 and "LOVE, IT'S AGELESS," based on his romantic comedy of the same title.

Bill was Playwright in Residence for three years at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles. In New Mexico he worked as Chief Dramaturge of the Southwest America Playwrights Laboratory. He has taught playwriting through Celebrate Youth at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and at the College of Santa Fe.
Two short published plays of Bill's by BAK EDITIONS - "Girls on the Porch"and "The Perfect Match" have become required reading at the University of Wisconsin library.

Currently Bill is developing a series featuring readings and performances of his short stories with the overall title "A CHILD REMEMBERS". These performances will include guest artists appearing locally during a cross country tour. The presentations will include, a question and answer period with the author, book signings of the Chopped liver series and also include copies of his short play series published by BAK EDITIONS.

APRIL 2005: On April 5th an Evening of his short plays 
"A TOUCH OF GRANDEUR" AND. "SHA". were presented by the Playwrights' Circle
in Palm Springs, California and on April 3rd 2005 his full length romantic comedy
"LOVE, IT'S AGELESS was presented in a Celebrity Staged Reading at the Merage
 JCC in Newport Beach/Orange County CA and featured Estelle Harris and
Len Lesser both stars were in the hit TV Show "SEINFELD"

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